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Dunedin Stainless Steel Company Ltd has specialised factory equipment for making lines of products or variation on an existing product, suitable for small (20) to medium (2,000) production. We occupy several niche markets, being able to offer this level of production and without the big overhead you would find with overseas manufacturing.


Stainless steel fabrication and welding

At Dunedin Stainless Steel Company Ltd, we can combine fabrication and forming together, combining spinning, pressing, turret punching, and press break forming. We can often combine all of these techniques into one piece of steel, to create one product. This allows for combining round shapes with rectangular or angular outside forms. This means fewer welds and seams on your product, reducing the risk of corrosion in the future, creating a longer lasting more durable product. Examples of this are things like laundry tubs, handbasins, eyewash station basins and more.

Spinning and flow forming in most metals

Spinning (aluminum, mild steel, stainless steel)

We use spinning to create hollow products such as aluminum cake pans, trays, and pizza pans and can use a range of metals, such as aluminum, black iron and stainless steel. Spinning is a craft, as opposed to a process, and we have highly trained and skilled operators creating our spun metal pieces. The process involves the use of a hand-held tool to wrap or spin material around a shape so that you end up with an external replica of it using a specialised lathe. This process can be used for one-off items and is very cost effective compared to other alternatives and can be scaled to hundreds of units.

Flow forming (stainless steel, aluminum, mild steel)

Dunedin Stainless Steel Company Ltd use flow forming to create materials such as mixing bowls, laundry tubs, and frying pans. Flow forming uses heavy specialised hydraulic machinery and precise calculations and scientific principles to create the product from a certain thickness of metal. Creating long-lasting products that are often guaranteed for a lifetime. Flow forming alleviates the extensive use of extra processes to get a polished finish, as the product comes straight off the machine with a finish that can be polished immediately. The flow forming process is suitable for 100 to 20,000 units and more than one operation can be performed in the one process cycle. Flow-forming and spinning create high-quality hollowware, especially suited to New Zealand’s small market.

Deep drawing and press forming of most metals

We use blanking presses, which punch out flat shapes, and turret punchers, which are pre-programmed via computer to punch out complex shapes for further processing in presses or brake press. With our presses, we can create products at a lower cost than larger scale manufacturers of today, as our machines make lower volumes more cost-effective as their vintage means fewer overheads. We have a double action draw press which is ideal for making deep dish trays and has been used to make things such as observational mirrors.

Press brakes

We have press brakes in a range of sizes; 1200, 1500, 1800 and 2400. This means we can handle most types of sheet metal bending, with two of our press brakes involved in the production of cabinets and laundry tubs throughout every day of operation.

Powder coating shop

Dunedin Stainless Steel Company Ltd has one booth and two single booths for powder coating, with two ovens (one gas and one electric). We can achieve a high-quality powder coating finish and specialise in white but offer a range of around nine colors which commonly mirror the current trends in the kitchen and laundry industries.

Why choose Dunedin Stainless Steel Company Ltd for your metal product manufacture?

Dunedin Stainless Steel Company Ltd has been in operation since 1955. With the rise of globalization and mass factory production, we have found a niche in smaller scale production lines of quality products, without the large overheads that you would see from other manufacturers, this allows our customers to diversify and test the market, reacting more nimbly to the wants and needs of their consumers.

The staff at Dunedin Stainless Steel Company Ltd are truly experts at what they do, with every member of the team a specialist in their part of the production process. This allows you to get the best knowledge and hands-on experience for your product, giving you a hands-on, informed approach to the production of your product.

Contact Dunedin Stainless Steel Company Ltd today to discuss your product line, and if we are the right manufacture fit for you.



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