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Standard Drawer Laundry Smart Tubs 565mm Wide

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  • Single drawer 10kg capacity drawer 470 wide 425 deep 100 high tray
  • Double Drawer 25kg capacity top drawer 255H x 475W x 450 deep
  • Double Drawer 25kg capacity bottom drawer 385H x 475W x 450 deep
  • Pressed Seamless tub with overflow
  • Cabinet from galvanized steel powder coated white
  • Movable shelf standard in single drawer units
  • Child-proof safety catch in single drawer units
  • Integrated overflow and waste system
  • Separate washing machine waste water by-pass
  • Washing machine isolator ball valves pre-connected and mounted on a sturdy movable bracket under the tub ready for easy connection to both the water supply and washing machine
  • Fixed floor plate standard in all models
  • DISSCO brand mixer with dual WEL's rating, all taps and connections are pre-tested and fitted
  • 565mm wide, 560mm deep and 910mm high at basin




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