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Black Iron Fry Pans

Commercial grade black Iron frying pans.
Made in NZ from 2mm cold roll mild steel.
Welded steel handles.
Six sizes. As a size guide the label in each photo is 150mm (6 inches) in diameter.
As used in Restaurants and commercial kitchens all over New Zealand for 30 years.

Important this is our updated seasoning instructions as of 13 March 2024

This cookware has a protective coating of mineral oil applied during the manufacturing process. All traces of this oil must be removed using warm soapy water and then dried thoroughly.

It is OK to use a solvent first then wash. It is OK to wipe dry then place in warm oven while it is preheating for seasoning. Only leave for several minutes and remember it will be hot upon removal from the oven.

To Season Cookware for Use

After washing and drying, and when pan is cool coat the whole pan with vegetable/cooking oil most types of cooking oil will be fine. Wipe all oil off pan with a paper towel or dry cloth. It is important to remove as much oil as possible as it is best to have only a thin film that feels slippery but not wet.

 Place in a pre-heated oven at 250 C for 50 minutes. Remove from oven, allow to cool and wipe of excess oil with paper towel.  This will provide a good seasoned surface however only frequent use will finish the seasoning.

If after seasoning as above there is a noticeable film of baked oil on the pan then there was still too much oil on the surface when it went into the oven and it would be best to scour clean and start again. A baked on film tends to peel off in use.

It only needs enough oil that it will be absorbed into the steel surface not enough to stay on the surface after seasoning.

The link below is the best seasoning info I have come across to date brought to my attention by a local customer named Sam!


To Maximize Performance of Cookware

•             Preheat before use. Do not preheat higher than required cooking temp or buckling may occur.

•             After use rinse in hot water and dry completely to prevent rusting. If necessary, oil for storage.

•             Do not use in dishwasher or use strong detergents.

•             Pan will eventually turn black with use. As with wok cooking this is desirable and should not be                    cleaned off with scouring.




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